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10 Best Festivals in the World

Festivals offer a wonderful opportunity to socialize with people and actively participate in local traditions. Be it Indian festivals or world festivals, people tend to celebrate most days.

There are countless festivals to select from every year, so don't worry—we've got you covered! The top festivals in the world, according to our list, are worth traveling to at least once to see firsthand.

List of Festivals Around the World | International Festivals


La Tomatina

Location: Buñol, Spain

When: Last Wednesday of August

Every August, the village of Buol hosts the ultimate food fight event known as La Tomatina. There are many different versions of the founding tale for La Tomatina festival.

There are many people attending this bizarre festival and friendly combat. A ticket system was implemented in more recent years to maintain the attendance at or below 20,000 at the renowned La Tomatina, which in the past has drawn as many as 50,000 spectators.


Carnevale di Venezia

Location: Venice, Italy

When: 40 days before Easter

The Venice Carnival, also known as Carnevale di Venezia, has been celebrated since the 11th century but only gained recognition on a global scale in the 18th century. Each year during the weeks leading up to Carnival, tens of thousands of visitors and residents dress up in elaborate masks and costumes and parade through the streets to take in the music, dancing, parties, and celebratory mood.

Live theatrical performances showcasing fascinating and humorous traditional folk figures from the 18th century are also part of the festivities.



Location: India & Nepal

When: Middle of March

One of the largest religious celebrations in the world without a doubt is Holi. Holi, also known as the Festival of Colors, marks the triumph of good over evil in the spring. Additionally, the festival heralds the end of winter and the eagerly anticipated celebration of the forthcoming spring harvest season's bounty.

Holi gives both locals and visitors the opportunity to play, dance, and sing carefree. People throw colors at each other and make delicious Indian sweets at home which are consumed after a holi party.



Location: India

When: In between October & November

Numerous religions in India and beyond celebrate this festival of lights, which typically takes place between mid-October and mid-November. Varied Hindu, Sikh, and Jain communities have different interpretations of this festival, which symbolizes the victory of good over evil, light over darkness, and wisdom over ignorance.

While strolling through towns and cities, you'll see that residences, stores, and public spaces are illuminated with lanterns and tiny clay lamps called diyas, while flower stands further beautify the streets. Parades, live music, fireworks, and the exchange of presents and sweets all take place over the course of five days of Diwali.


Rio Carnival

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

When: From Friday and ends on Ash Wednesday

No other Carnival compares to that of Rio. Brazil's capital city is hardly ever spoken without bringing to mind its Carnaval. One of the most fascinating and popular cultural events worldwide is its Carnival, presented in Rio de Janeiro. Despite the fact that the festival's origins are in the ancient Greek celebrations meant to honor Dionysus, the god of wine, over time, the Carnival was modified by the Romans to respect two of their own gods. Later, the Catholic church made few modifications and had the festival observed just before the start of Lent.

Samba dancing, vibrant, eye-catching costumes, throbbing music, amazing float displays, and electrifying energy abound at the festival.


St. Patrick's Day

Location: Ireland

When: 17th of March 

Every year on March 17, the cultural and religious holiday known as Saint Patrick's Day is observed to commemorate the day that Ireland's patron saint, Saint Patrick, passed away. The day also celebrates all things Irish and remembers the introduction of Christianity in Ireland.

Since 1996, St. Patrick's Day celebrations on March 17 have been surrounded by a complete festival of parades, fireworks, and general fun. As you celebrate Irish ancestry and culture, take part in traditional song and dance performances, catch musical street theater performances, grab a pint, and dress entirely in green.


Obon Festival

Location: Japan

When: in the month of August

Japanese people have been remembering their ancestors for more than 500 years at the three-day celebration known as Obon, which is typically held in August. Folk dances called Bon Odori, seasonal food, and bonfires are performed to commemorate it.

In Japan, this is a time when families get together to visit graves and present food at temples and shrines. After the event, people congregate along lakes and rivers to float paper lanterns that serve as a waypoint for departed family members to return to the spirit realm.



Location: Bhutan

Tsechus, a festival of religious ritual dances, are an essential part of Bhutanese culture and are held everywhere from tiny, remote villages to some of the grandest dzongs in the nation (monasteries). People flock from all around the nation to see monks execute intricate dances while donning colorful costumes and swirling to the beat of drums.

The unveiling of the thangka, a massive embroidered sacred artwork that is thought to wash away the sins of all who witness it, is the focus of any event, huge or little, public or private.



Location: Thailand

When: April

Thailand celebrates Songkran as the start of the Buddhist calendar year. Though under other names and on somewhat different dates, it is also observed across Southeast Asia. It often takes place in Thailand during a long weekend in mid-April. Parades, fairs, and dancing performances are all part of the festivities, but the water battles are what make the festival so popular.

In a symbolic ceremony of cleansing, water is frequently thrown on sculptures of the Buddha, children, and the elderly.


Taiwan Lantern Festival

Location: Pingxi

When: February

The Taiwan Lantern Festival, held in the Pingxi neighborhood, is undoubtedly one of the most famous celebrations in the whole globe. On the final day of the Lunar New Year, hundreds of people gather at the hamlet for the event to write their wishes on paper lanterns and release them into the sky.

The festival is a Chinese custom revived by the Taiwanese to mark the conclusion of the Spring Festival and the joy of the New Year.

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