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15 Short English Poems For Kids

Short English Poems For Kids

Poetry has numerous advantages for children. Poems are not only a terrific way to convey knowledge, but they are also incredibly enjoyable for children. Short poems and recitation are wonderful activities to do with your child. Nursery rhymes and poems can make kids giggle, but they can also aid in cognitive development. 

Let's look at some renowned, funny, and rhyming short English poems for kids to see how they might assist your child identify patterns. These short English poems also help the brain learn to process and remember knowledge.

We have divided the short English poems different categories:

  1. Funny Poems For Kids
  2. Rhyming Poems For Kids
  3. Famous Short Poems For Kids

Funny Poems For Kids

The best medicine is laughter, and what better way to tickle your child's funny bone than with some short funny poems. We've put up a list of funny poems for your kids that are sure to make them laugh, and they'll be anxious to memorize them.

A Mouse In Her Room

A mouse in her room woke Miss Doud

Who was frightened and screamed very loud

Then a happy thought hit her

To scare off the critter

She sat up in bed and just meowed.

A psychiatrist fellow from Rye

Went to visit another close by,

Who said, with a grin,

As he welcomed him in:

“Hello, Smith! You’re all right! How am I?”

A flea and a fly in a flue

Were caught, so what could they do?

Said the fly, “Let us flee.”

“Let us fly,” said the flea.

So they flew through a flaw in the flue.

A mosquito was heard to complain,

“A chemist has poisoned my brain!”

The cause of his sorrow

was paradichlorotriphenyldichloroethane.


My name is not McGallimagoo,

Although some would have you think.

All day long they call me this,

And I really think it stinks.

McGallimagoo come here to me

Mcgllimagoo sit down.

McGallimagoo is such a funny name,

But it always makes me frown.

So if you see me on the street,

Please don’t call me this.

Refer to me by my proper name,

Which is Mr. Hullibajiss.


Jack was quite nimble,

Jack was quite quick,

Jack gave the beanstalk

A mighty big kick.

Down came the giant—


Bottoms up in a crater,

Thus ending it all.

Tom Tigercat

Tom Tigercat is noted

for his manners and his wit.

He wouldn’t think of lion,

No, he doesn’t cheetah bit.

Tom never pretended

to be something that he’s not.

I guess that’s why we like him

and why he likes ocelot.



with needle-noses

sucking blood

from elbows, cheeks, and chin

why were you not

designed to thrive

on brine, on swine,

or likewise-spiny





Rhyming Poems For Kids

Rhyming poems are always a good approach to start with your child. The rhythmic pattern, similar-sounding words, and word repetition make it easy for children to remember.

Two Little Dicky Birds

Two Little Dicky Birds,

Sat upon a wall.

One named Peter,

The other named Paul,

Fly away Peter.

Fly away Paul.

Come back Peter!

Come back Paul!! 

Monday’s Child

Monday’s child is fair of face,

Tuesday’s child is full of grace,

Wednesday’s child is full of woe,

Thursday’s child has far to go.

Friday’s child is loving and giving,

Saturday’s child works hard for a living,

And the child that is born on the Sabbath Day,

Is bonny and blithe and good and gay.

Ladybird! Ladybird!

Lady-bird, Lady-bird, fly away home

The field mouse is gone to her nest

The daisies have shut up their sleepy red eyes

And the birds and the bees are at rest

Lady-bird, Lady-bird, fly away home

The glow worm is lighting her lamp

The dew’s falling fast, and your fine speckled wings

Will flag with the close clinging damp

Lady-bird, Lady-bird, fly away home

The fairy bells tinkle afar

Make haste or they’ll catch you and harness you fast

With a cobweb to Oberon’s star.

Bed in Summer

In winter I get up at night

And dress by yellow candle-light.

In summer, quite the other way,

I have to go to bed by day.

I have to go to bed and see

The birds still hopping on the tree,

Or hear the grown-up people’s feet

Still going past me in the street.

And does it not seem hard to you,

When all the sky is clear and blue,

And I should like so much to play,

To have to go to bed by day?

The Forest

The forest is the town of trees

Where they live quite at their ease,

With their neighbors at their side

Just as we in cities wide.

Famous Short English Poems

If you want your child to learn some famous poems, here is a list of some well-known, entertaining English poems for kids. These nursery rhymes have been passed down through the years.

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Mary had a little lamb,

Little lamb, little lamb,

Mary had a little lamb,

Its fleece was white as snow,

And every where that Mary went,

Mary went, Mary went,

Everywhere that Mary went,

The lamb was sure to go;

He followed her to school one day,

School one day, school one day,

He followed her to school one day,

Which was against the rule;

It made the children laugh and play,

Laugh and play, laugh and play,

It made the children laugh and play,

To see a lamb at school,

And so the teacher turned him out,

Turned him out, turned him out,

So the teacher turned him out,

But still he lingered near,

And waited patiently about,

Patiently about, patiently about,

Waited patiently about,

Till Mary did appear;

“Why does the lamb love Mary so?

Mary so, Mary so,

Why does the lamb love Mary so?”

The eager children cried;

“Why Mary loves the lamb, you know,

Lamb you know, lamb you know,

Why Mary loves the lamb, you know”

The teacher did reply;

Mary had a little lamb,

Little lamb, little lamb,

Mary had a little lamb,

Its fleece was white as snow.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,

How I wonder what you are.

Up above the world so high,

Like a diamond in the sky.

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,

How I wonder what you are!

When the blazing sun is gone,

When he nothing shines upon,

Then you show your little light,

Twinkle, twinkle, all the night.

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,

How I wonder what you are!

Then the traveler in the dark

Thanks you for your tiny spark;

How could he see where to go?

If you did not twinkle so.

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,

How I wonder what you are!

In the dark blue sky you keep,

While you through my window peep,

And you never shut your eye,

Till the sun is in the sky,

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,

How I wonder what you are!

Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill

Went up the hill

To fetch a pail of water,

Jack fell down

And broke his crown

And Jill came tumbling after.

Up Jack got

And home did trot

As fast as he could caper,

Went to bed

To mend his head

With vinegar and brown paper.

Baa Baa, Black Sheep

Baa, baa, black sheep,

Have you any wool?

Yes sir, yes sir,

Three bags full;

One for the master,

And one for the dame,

And one for the little boy

Who lives down the lane

Hey Diddle Diddle

Hey diddle diddle,

The Cat and the fiddle,

The Cow jumped over the moon,

The little Dog laughed to see such sport,

And the Dish ran away with the Spoon

Teach your child some of the most popular short English poems. Your child's vocabulary and speaking abilities will increase by reciting these English poems.

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FAQ’s on Short English Poems For Kids


Q. What is the shortest rhyming poem?

Lines on the Antiquity of Microbes’, also known simply as "Fleas", is the shortest poem ever written, composed by American poet Strickland Gillilan.

Q. What is a poem kid friendly?

A poem is a piece of literature that uses imaginative words to communicate with the reader ideas, feelings, or a tale. A poet is someone who composes poetry. When read aloud, many poems feature words or phrases that sound nice together.

Q. Who is the most famous poem for kids?

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is the most famous poem for kids.

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