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20 Indoor Games to Play to keep Kids Entertained

Rain, rain, go away,
Sweltering heat, keep at bay,
Shivering winters, if you may,
My little one wants to play.


Life indeed gets dull when children cannot go out to play due to the weather conditions. When it's pouring or snowing and there's no school, indoor games for kids are useful. Additionally, it suggests that there will be more downtime at home. Activities like this are a fantastic way to spend quality time with your kids.

20 Exceptionally Fun Indoor Games for Kids


indoor games for kids


Nothing brings a family together like a good game. Here is a collection of indoor games that can be enjoyed when you want to spend time with your kids or the weather prevents outdoor activities.

Here are some fun indoor games to play that will really engage the children and will provide endless hours of joy and laughter. These exciting activities, done under an adult’s supervision, will ensure the gross motor and fine motor skills are taken care of.


List of indoor games to play for kids are:


  • Walk on a line
Polish your child’s balancing and motor skills with this game. All you have to do is stick some colored tape on the floor and ask your child to walk on it.

Variation: Ask the child to hop on the line with one foot or hop on an alternate foot (first left, then right). Instead of a straight line, you can also make it curved, to increase the difficulty level.

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  • Guess the sound
Look around your house and grab a few items like a joystick, keyboard, keys, remote, toys, etc. Ask the child to make a memory note of the sounds made by each of them. Now, with a blindfold on, let your child guess the object which makes that sound.
  • Obstacle Course
Rearrange your furniture a little to create an obstacle course for your child. The child can crawl under the table, circle around the chair, hop on the mat and so on.
  • Spin a story
Give some clue words to the children and ask them to spin a story using those words.
  • Pictionary
Remember your childhood days? Relive the moments with your child. Just jot down some words on paper slips and let your child pick and draw what's written.
  • Go hibernating

This game really excites the children. All you have to do is set up a corner into a makeshift den. Use sheets/ cartons/ boxes and ask your child to pretend to be an animal and go for hibernation.


  • Dance & Freeze
An all-seasons game of dance and freeze lets out the dancer in your child. Play some party music and dance. If you pause/ stop the music, the child has to ‘freeze’ in whichever position he/she is. You too can play this with your child and have some real fun.
  • Treasure Hunt
Now it’s time for some adventure. Hide a little present/treat for your child and draw a map of the place where it’s hidden. Arrange some clues to find the ‘treasure’.
  • Memory Game
Ask your child to go in front of your dressing unit and stay there for 5 minutes. Don’t reveal what the game is about, yet. Afterwards, let him/her say or write any 5-7 objects that were visible.
  • Sensory Bag
Take a small bag and put various things inside it, like a small toy, keys, spoon, tube, crayon, brush, etc. Now, without seeing, the child has to put one hand inside the bag and pick up any object. He/ She has to then feel the object and identify its name.
  • Home Picnic 
Grab your sunglasses, sun hat, mat, picnic basket and picnic food. Arrange chairs in a corner or on your balcony and enjoy picnicking!
  •  Fly a Parachute
Take a large bedsheet and 2 persons can hold its two corners, each. Now, raise the arms up and bring them down, together. Ask the child to get inside, under the sheet, and pretend to fly a parachute!
  •   My Paper Buddy
Get a butcher paper or any other large paper, preferably thick. You can also get 2-3 small papers and join them to make a large one. Ask your child to lie down on the paper. You can now trace the outline of your child’s body. Once done, you can cut it and give it to your child. She/he can color/ decorate her/his paper buddy.
  •   Pen-pal
Pretend to be a pen-pal to your child and vice-versa. Make postcards, draw and write whatever you wish to, for your special friend. You can also make a little post box from a cardboard box, for posting the mails!
  •  Hand- Puppets
Get an old sock and wear it on one hand. Now, stick googly eyes and a mouth, and maybe some yarn for the hair. Voila! Your very own hand puppet is ready!
  •  Coin towers
Provide as many coins to your child as you can, for building towers. It can be a giant tower or a building.

Variation: Let the child make different towers for different denominations. This will involve sorting and the child can learn about money too.
  •  Bubble Burst
It’s time to use the bubble wrap you have been collecting from the parcels! Tape the sheets to form a maze and let your child hop/ jump on them and burst the bubbles.
  •  Make a connection
This game too requires a butcher paper or a large sheet. Place the sheet on the floor. Draw some mixed shapes at a distance and ask your child to connect all the squares/ circles.

Variation: Instead of shapes, you can write numbers or letters too.
  • Spider Web
For this game, you will need yarn and sturdy furniture. Simply ‘weave’ the yarn across the legs of tables, chairs, etc, kept at a distance. Once you have created the web, let your child move carefully through the web, without tripping or falling.

Variation: Stick some pretend bugs/ treats in between the strings for the child to collect.


When the weather is too severe for children to play outside, parents are frequently searching for engaging indoor games for kids. These games will also be useful if you are traveling or simply want to keep your kids away from their gadgets. Some of the all-time favorites include indoor bowling, follow the leader, and indoor obstacle courses.

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