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5 hacks for less stress and less mess at home

Parenting has never been a piece of cake or a relaxed walk in the park. It is quite challenging and certainly stressful. At times, parents tend to turn frustrated and restless with the little ones’ mess at home. If you are either a working parent or a homemaker, the mess and stress are just equal. But, remember to give yourself a tap on your back and say – ‘I can do it today and for the rest of my life.’

How great would it be to get some hacks and knacks to reduce all the mess created by our little mess-makers at home? Yes, let’s move into some simple hacks in this article.

Paint time!
These little ones are usually fascinated by watercolors or crayons. When your child is driven by any painting art activities as part of their home lessons or is using the watercolors by themselves at home, here’s a great hack for you! All that you need is a big piece of transparent bag and scissors. Using a
scissor cut the bottom portion of the bag and make sure that your child can wear it like a shirt without a sleeve.
Now, you will see them wiping off all the excess paints on their tiny hands on the cover that they are wearing on top of their clothes. Neither should you wash the painted clothes nor should they change clothes.

It’s stapled, so you cannot!
There is a common mess in the kitchen experienced by mums. The lower cupboard meddled, left opened, some ingredients spilled on the floor by your little one most often. Although you place a few things out of their reach, there could be times when you tend to put a few in the cupboard underneath
during all the hurry burry of preparing food.
Now, here’s a good knack! A tape-like stopper that gets attached to the opening ends of the cupboard might help. You will just need to stick up the stopper while you are away from the kitchen. Your child will now not be able to open the cupboard to meddle with the things inside it. A clean and composed
kitchen is now in your hands!

Wash at your reach!
Can a Toddler ever reach a washbasin to wash hands? Maybe yes, when they stand on top of a small stool. But they can still not reach their hands to the mouth of the tap. Let’s make it easy for them so that they do not drip and fall by any chance. Make use of an emptied can or a used shampoo bottle
and cut the bottom end of it. Fix the top end of the can or bottle to the mouth of the tap. When you open the tap, you will see water flowing through the little DIY tunnel that you made for them. No more
chaos while washing those teeny tiny hands here on!

Now no more spilling!
Has it ever been any easier for parents to fill those little tummies with food? It’s a challenging one to make them eat from their plates and to ensure that they have eaten them all. As much challenging as it can be for parents, the same goes for children too. Finishing that full bowl or plate of food is hard for
them. They look for taste, color, smell, etc. With all these aspects, they even tend to move their plates away that may lead to some littering.
Take a wall hanging sticker, make a small cut on the hook of it to apply some permanent glue to it. Make sure to stick the area where you applied the glue to your kid’s meal bowl or plate and fix this on their meal table. And, now it’s done! Mama will need not have to worry as there will be no spilling

Pump less, no wasting
Washing hands before and after meals is something that we root into our children’s minds even before this pandemic could even tell us. It might sound funny, but some of us even refer to the television advertisements to pump the hand wash, rub all over the hands and then wash so that all the
germs are killed.
Oh, yeah at times, our kids are so engrossed with the smell of it and give one hard press on the pump part of it. The hand wash pops out more and our kids wonder that it’s gotten all over their hands.
There’s an instant solution to this. Tie a rubber band right underneath the pumping element and try to press from the top of it. You will now be able to see a limited liquid popping out of the bottle. Sounds simple, but very relieving for parents!

These hacks might help parents by not sounding restricted but inculcate some sensible habits right
from their childhood. This might also turn interesting for them and remind you to do these further in
the future. But, remember to embrace every mess of theirs! Yes, it is beautiful. Let’s try our maximum
to teach the best values that we can from our end.

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