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Achieving Desired Learning Outcomes

The debate of the need for a strong Early Childhood Education (ECE) has been in the limelight for over a decade. We are now in a time, where the importance of a strong ECE program and its link to favorable learning outcomes and behaviors in later stages of life has been established. At this juncture, educators, curriculum experts and parents worldwide have been doing exhaustive research into what are the main elements of a balanced ECE program and how should one define the learning outcomes at the same time. 

The real secret behind determining the best outcome is observation of your own child or children. Children are curious by nature, and the kinds of things they pay attention to and ask questions about is an indication of their interests. Helping them stay curious about the world around them is key to developing a continuous thirst for knowledge and ultimately a love of learning. 

A good Early Learning program will help little ones 

  • Be aware of the environment around them 
  • Be aware of basic feelings of their own and of others
  • Be able to communicate with basic understanding
  • Be curious and eager to explore
  • Be able to express themselves 

In order to achieve the above outcomes and be effective in the long-term, a good early learning program has to:

  • Consciously target holistic development through a well-rounded focus on areas such as cognition, social skills, environmental awareness, self-awareness, physical activities, language skills, numeracy skills, creativity, aesthetics and imagination. 
  • Ensure continuity, as children learn best through repetition and routine. 
  • Encourage Creativity. A child’s world is one full of imagination and curiosity. A good program will encourage children to develop their creativity and individuality by harnessing their imagination and curiosity. 
  • Develop positive relationships with themselves and the community around them. 
  • Develop a love for learning. This happens when topics are introduced in a fun. Light-hearted, experience-relevant way that piques the interest of the children and therefore motivates them to learn through play.
  • Take an Integrated and reinforced approach to ensure that topics learnt remain with little ones throughout, and add value to their learning experience. 
  • Offer understandability by keeping things simple. Children are intuitive by nature. A program that has age-appropriate activities and elements that don’t require extensive instructions has the potential to keep little ones engaged and interested longer.
  • Has a well-balanced mixture of physical activities and digital learning aids.

While there are many possible do’s and don’ts when it comes to selecting an early learning program, we believe the best one is one that parents and children are the most comfortable with. Bonus points if it is fun, exciting and piques the curiosity of adults too!

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