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Activities for Children with Special Needs

10 Fun Activities for Children with Special Needs

Being the parent of a kid with special needs may need you to wear extra hats, particularly now that the pandemic is still running. According to study, it's crucial to constantly express to your child how much you love them and how happy you are to have more time to spend with them. You may incorporate some enjoyable activities into your child's everyday routine to demonstrate your affection and establish a closer bond between you and your children.


Finding activities that kids will like and are appropriate for them might be challenging. Though rest assured that we have you covered. Adapt these activities to your child's age, interests, and skills by mixing and matching them. 


10 exciting indoor activities for kids


  1. Playing with Toys
  2. Ball Game
  3. Cooking & Baking
  4. Find the Puzzle
  5. Fun in Tub
  6. Coloring
  7. Crafting
  8. Read a book together
  9. Scavenger Hunt
  10. Musical night


Play with Toys

Children with special needs can have a lot of fun playing with building blocks. They provide the child the chance to securely construct something on their own, which fosters a genuine feeling of accomplishment and pride. Such fun toys are available at wonderLearn- check out!


Ball Game

Make up a sport involving a ball. Depending on your child's mobility, choose the ideal approach to play with your hands and feet. Encourage your children to move by having them kick or throw the ball.


Cooking & Baking

Bring your kids into the kitchen to assist with baking or meal preparation. You may allow your child to help you, depending on what you are doing and their level of interest.


For kids with special needs, baking has several advantages.


  • Enhances fine motor abilities: When your child uses their hands to combine ingredients or decorate cookies, they are exercising their fine motor skills.
  • Explore textures: Baking allows kids to experience various food textures. They are able to distinguish between dry and wet components by sight and touch.
  • Builds math skills: They will be able to measure, which is a great method to learn mathematics.
  • Fosters responsibility: Children learn about food safety and sanitation via baking.

children with special needs


Find the Puzzle Game

Hide puzzle pieces around the house and let your kids search for the pieces. Collaboratively assemble the puzzle pieces after they have all of the parts. Kids may learn the art of parallel play with this search-and-find exercise.


Fill the Tub

Bring objects like plastic cups and a sponge with you while your child is in the tub. To encourage the development of their fine motor skills, ask children to squeeze the sponge and transfer water between cups.



Another enjoyable activity for children is coloring. Children may express their creativity while simultaneously improving their hand-eye coordination and fine motor abilities. 



A fun activity that encourages creativity in children is crafting. Making jewelry, stitching a cushion, or painting a portrait are just a few of the various crafts projects you may do with your kid.


Reading together

Depending on your child's capabilities, you should read books together while seated comfortably. You may also take out old family photo albums and identify people as a recognition exercise. This will make your child feel more at ease and motivate him to maintain his head-up posture.


Scavenger hunt

Make a list of any items in your home that are hidden or difficult to locate after taking a glance around. Assist your child in the scavenger hunt by giving them the checklist of items. This search game will promote independent play in kids.


Musical night (optional)

Just like regular kids, kids with special needs may have fun listening to music (depends). They could pick up on rhythm, patterns, and numerical sequences from it. Children with limited speech can express themselves via dance, and it's a great way to participate and have fun!


So, have a look at the list we put up if you're seeking some entertaining activities to do with your kid. Have you had any more go-to pastimes that we missed?

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