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Challenges Faced by Special Needs Children with Learning Disabilities

Challenges Faced by Special Needs Children with Learning Disabilities

Any student may find learning challenging, but a student with special needs may find learning particularly challenging. Physical, cognitive, intellectual, and undiscovered impairments are just a few of the many types of disabilities that exist.


The difficulties young kids have in the classroom may be higher due to the rigorous, inflexible structure that many schools and classes base their curriculum on.



The Most Common Learning Disabilities


Typically when we hear the term ‘disability’ or disabled we picturize or assume mostly disabilities of physical kind or severe in nature. But only 11.8% of children are affected with disability of this nature. 


There are other disabilities which may not be as apparent but reflect in form of learning difficulties. They might be acquired, inherited, physical, or psychological. Let's mention them in a nutshell:


Dyslexia. Students read texts and process the data in their own special way. Some people misread or can't distinguish between letters. Some people struggle to split words, while some have trouble identifying sounds.


ADHD. The number of kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is above 6.4 million. Children with ADHD may struggle to focus and are thus easily distracted.


Dyscalculia. Difficulty with  math skills. Children who struggle with math may not understand the numbers and may not have many strategies for solving problems. They struggle with time management, measurement, and/or estimating issues.


Dysgraphia. Dysgraphia in children can make writing challenging.


Processing variations. Students are possibly unable to discriminate between data or recall crucial details in an educational context.


The challenges of learning in a classroom


Finding the right learning approach for students with special needs is the hardest and most important issue. Some students learn best visually. Some kids learn best by listening. Some kids learn best by doing things physically. Learning to play to their strengths since they can be lacking in other academic areas is the other problem that students face. 


But a regular school full of packed children may not be able to provide so much effort. Listed below are some challenges faced by special needs student: 


Unfavorable Situations. Schools are unable to offer kids easily accessible spaces where they may study and move around in ways that are suitable for them. There might not be enough ramps or elevators, the doors might be difficult to open, or there might not be accessible restrooms.


Lack of personalization. Unsuitable curriculum is still another common issue. Most schools design their curriculum with generally developing pupils in mind. They disregard the requirements of pupils who are impaired.


Communication problems. Those with physical and/or mental and/ or learning impairments may face significant difficulties as a result of mainstream culture, prejudice, and stereotypes.


Specialist shortage. Specialists who can work with impaired children are lacking at many educational institutions. Sometimes, schools don't provide their instructors the training they need to deal with pupils who have special needs.

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