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Festival Activities for Kids to Engage Them

Different Festival Activities for Kids to Engage Them at Home

It is important for your child to know about the significance of each festival to understand the traditions and culture better.


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Not only do festivals fill our lives with positive vibes and fresh energy, but they are also among the best times for celebrations and get-togethers. Yet, this year is a bit different. Amidst the new normal, keeping safety protocols in mind, all of us are forced to celebrate the festivals indoors. This means, we will have to come up with different ways to make this year’s celebration special.

After Navratri 2022, it’s time for the ultimate celebration of the Diwali festival. Here are some innovative ideas as below to enjoy Diwali 2022 with kids & family. 

Paint diyas

Have your little ones paint the diyas that you will be using during Diwali. It will be a wonderful treat for them to see their work on display.

Decorate the house

Whether it’s hanging up fairy lights or making DIY Diya Garlands, involve your little one in decorating the house for Diwali

Play with SMART learning toys

Gift your child fun SMART toys this festive season to keep him/her engaged with play based learning which is proven the best way to boost skills in children.

Design rangoli

Make chalk, flower or rice rangoli with your little ones to welcome the gods and guests before Diwali.

Word search

Play word search with kids & family in a big group. You can time it and award the fastest. Talk about the words and their meanings in relation to Diwali. It’s a great learning tool.

Play Online Games

Pick online digital games from wonderLearn app for kids to indulge your child in play based learning. We have games in English, counting, color identification, pattern matching, quizzes, and more.

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