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How To Raise A Smart Child

It is known that that kids these days are getting way too smarter. Is it because of the resources around them and the exposure that they receive, which might not have been there in the past? There is a definite YES to this question. The level of observance and the number of Why’s, How’s, and What’s are multiplying day by day in children.

Every parent wants their child to grow smarter and wiser. There are certain ways to think through by putting ourselves in the children’s shoes and discovering their strengths and weaknesses. Certainly, every child is different from the other. Now, let’s go deep into raising a smart child.


1.) Parental Conversations

The basic and most vital part of parenting is to communicate with the children regularly. Things that are seeded into their brain today will be the reason for their personality development as they grow. As they are the best attention seekers, they always expect to hear from us even if it was the smallest achievement for the day.

It is totally in the hands of the parents to interact with their little ones and figure out their dreams. Sometimes, it is good to imitate or act like a toddler to catch their attention. End of the day, the only thing that we will get to know is what they are really into. This could be the best way to pave a path to their interests. Perhaps, this also implies discovering what they actually dislike and what we should never enforce them to do. The biological growth of the brain for a child majorly lies in these parental conversations.


2.) Independent Learning

The concept of independent learning is all about allowing the child to solve problems by themselves and end up with solutions. The only best way to implement this is to give them the liberty and space to make mistakes and help them in correcting those mistakes in a subtle tone.

As parents, let’s try to avoid being overprotective as it gives them the courage to individually handle any problem throughout their learning process. Most significantly, encouraging these little ones often would enable them to take one step forward at a time.

Remember, forcing or nagging a child will only foster a sense of dependency on you. Therefore, let’s develop the practice of letting them learn by themselves and also rectifying their mistakes in a friendly manner.


3.) Practice Reading and Memory Games

Inculcating reading habits in early childhood days could be a huge predictor of success in the future. Reading one story for your child a day, by pointing to the images from the book and exclaiming every moment of the story could be helpful. The pictures depicted in the story and the narration made by parents will automatically get registered in their minds.

A short recapitulation of the previous day’s story will also engage the child in the art of reading. You might also try asking them simple questions from the story to check their understanding.

The moment when we say to our children ‘okay let’s play a game’, they are very curious to know what prop is their parents showing them. Memory-based games such as puzzles, color code matching, number series, word formation games, animal classification, etc played in a repeated pattern could shoot up the child’s brain development. The more they repeat the more it retains. This also creates an attitude of deriving answers on their own.


4.) Field Trips

Trips are generally fun,may it be for kids or adults. Field trips are not just fun but also enhance valuable learning. Planning a short field trip once a month could be a great way for a child’s proactive learning.

Some suggestions could be taking them to an Animal Shelter, Aquarium, Farm, Wildlife Sanctuary, Planetarium, Children’s Theatre, Zoological Parks, Museums, etc. A live and physical exploration will trigger grasping skills in children.

After these field trips, what parents might witness is that children often keep talking about the places that they visited since it comes as a flash of memory to them. The next time your little one will themself ask you to take them on such a trip. Also, remember to click pictures while you are with your child on a field trip because it’s all about a memorable experience both for you and your child.


5.) Good sleep and Balanced diet

Good nutrition will boost your child’s brain development. Therefore, a proper and balanced diet is always recommended. Replacing and avoiding junk or fast foods from restaurants with fresh home-cooked foods could prove better health for your child.

Normally, kids turn cranky when they do not get proper sleep and that in turn affects their activities. Parents should ensure that their child has enough and good sleep for the day as it could develop concentration and attentiveness.


6.) Appreciation and Rewards

A happy child is a successful child. A little appreciation and acknowledging their efforts every day make a child happy. Let’s try not to stuff them with the idea of winning only. They should also know that trying and losing is also a form of achievement. Gifting them a reward at any interval, in turn, develops the ambition to do more and better. Above all, it’s the little smile and the feeling of satisfaction that we see on their face that seems extremely priceless.


Research has proven that nature and nurture influence intelligence about 50-50, meaning that parental influence can have a huge impact on how smart our children believe themselves to be, as well as how intelligent they are.

That doesn't mean you should start training your children in foreign languages and math drills the moment they take their first step out of diapers. Instead of praising a child's innate talent or acumen, highlight the behavior that fosters the development of the mind and intellect. Yes! It is possible to grow intelligence in your children. Though it is a long road, it is well worth the wait!


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