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Indian Baby Boy & Baby Girl Names

100+ Popular Indian Baby Boy & Baby Girl Names

Baby girl and Baby boy names: Having trouble coming up with baby names ? Check out our selection of the top 100 original Indian baby names. Scroll for the list of baby names.

“Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language”- Dale Carnegie

As you welcome a baby into this world, the biggest task is to name the little one. Names are very important and often reflect ethnicity and tradition. Choosing a baby name can be difficult and challenging on its own. So, if you're trying to decide on a name for your baby, here is a list of 100+ Indian baby boy and baby girl names.

Your decision-making process will be eased by the mention of the meanings of these Indian baby names. Take a look!

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Indian Baby Girl Names With Meaning

Listed below are 100+ baby girl names with meaning you want to choose from.


 Baby Girl names with “A”

  • Aadhya- wealthy
  • Aamya- delight
  • Aarna- Goddess Laxmi
  • Aarvi- peace
  • Adira- strong
  • Aditi- boundless
  • Advaita- unique
  • Advika- unique
  • Ahaana- inner light
  • Alankrita- decorated lady
  • Aliza- joy
  • Amaya- heavenly valley
  • Amyra- beautiful
  • Ananya- unique
  • Anaysha- special
  • Angel- exemplary
  • Anika- graceful
  • Anna- grace
  • Anshika- beautiful
  • Anvi- goddess of forest
  • Aradhya- worshipped
  • Arya- honorable
  • Ayeza- respectful
  • Ayra- respectful

Baby Girl names with “B”

  • Bhakti- devotion
  • Birva- Gentle
  • Brishti- Denotes rain
  • Bandhini- to bind love
  • Breshna- Lightening


Baby Girl names with “C”

  • Carina- beloved
  • Chara- quiet
  • Chavi- Reflection
  • Charul- Beautiful

Baby Girl names with “D”

  • Dhriti- patience
  • Dhvani- sound
  • Dira- beautiful
  • Divyanshi- divine
  • Diya- light

 Baby Girl names with “E”

  • Eva- life
  • Evanshi- similarity
  • Eirina- Beautiful lady


Baby Girl names with “G”

  • Gulika- pearl
  • Gulnar- Flower
  • Gulnaz- Rose
  • Gauri- Goddess Parviti


Baby Girl names with “H”

  • Hafsa- young lioness
  • Hania- gracious
  • Hannah- grace
  • Hiya- heart


Baby Girl names with “I”

  • Inaya- without a superior
  • Ira- God of wind
  • Isha- one who protects


Baby Girl names with “J”

  • Jaanvi- precious
  • Jia- heart
  • Jianna- God is gracious


Baby Girl names with “K”

  • Kaitlyn- pure
  • Kashvi- shining
  • Khushi- happiness
  • Kiana- ancient
  • Kiara- light
  • Kuhu- cuckoo bird song
  • Kyra- lady


Baby Girl names with “M”

  • Mahi- divine
  • Manasvi- intelligent
  • Manya- star of the sea
  • Maryam- beloved
  • Maya- dream
  • Meera- amazing
  • Mehr- benevolence
  • Mia- ocean goddess
  • Miraya- beautiful
  • Mirha- agile
  • Misha- who resembles God
  • Mishka- gift of love
  • Misthi- sweet
  • Myra- beloved


Baby Girl names with “N”

  • Nihara- love
  • Nitya- eternal
  • Noor- light
  • Nyra- glittering


 Baby Girl names with “P”

  • Pari- angel
  • Pihu- sweet
  • Prisha- noble
  • Purvi- classical melody


Baby Girl names with “R”

  • Radha- success
  • Radhya- worthy of worship
  • Rehmat- divine mercy
  • Ria-graceful
  • Riddhi- prosperity
  • Ritika-joy
  • Ruby- precious
  • Ruhi- spiritual


Baby Girl names with “S”

  • Saanvi- glowing
  • Saavi- Goddess Laxmi
  • Sahana- powerful
  • Sai- divine
  • Samaira- enchanting
  • Sara- princess
  • Saumya- favourable
  • Shanaya-eminent
  • Shivanya- limitless
  • Shreyanvi- Goddess Laxmi, Goddess Durga
  • Shriya- good fortune
  • Siddhi- enlightenment
  • Siya- moonlight
  • Sneha- affection
  • Sophia- wisdom
  • Suvarnada- gold


Baby Girl names with “T”

  • Trisha- noble
  • Tanuja- Denotes daughter
  • Tapti- River
  • Taara- Star


Baby Girl names with “V”

  • Vanya- gracious gift of God
  • Veda- knowledge
  • Vedanshi- sacred knowledge
  • Vedika- full of knowledge


Baby Girl names with “Z”

  • Zara- blooming flower
  • Ziva- radiance
  • Zoe- life


Indian Baby Boy Names With Meaning

Listed below are 100+ baby boy names with meaning you want to choose from.

 Baby Boy names with “A”

  • Aadiv- delicate
  • Aadvik- unique
  • Aahan- dawn
  • Aahva- beloved
  • Aakav- shape
  • Aarav- kind
  • Ashvik- blessed and victorious
  • Atiksh- wise
  • Atish- brilliance


Baby Boy names with “B”

  • Bakul- kind
  • Bhuv- sky
  • Bodhi- awakening


Baby Boy names with “C”

  • Chakshu- eye
  • Charvik- intelligent

 Baby Boy names with “D”

  • Daiwik- divine
  • Daksh- precious son
  • Darsh- competent
  • Dasya - gift of God


Baby Boy names with “G”

  • Gian- master of knowledge
  • Guneet- Talented
  • Girish- Lord of Mountain


Baby Boy names with “H”

  • Hem- Gold
  • Hemant- Early winter
  • Hritik- From one’s heart



 Baby Boy names with “I”

  • Idhant- luminous
  • Ivaan- royal



 Baby Boy names with “J”

  • Jash- fame
  • Jimit- who wins hearts



 Baby Boy names with “K”

  • Kabir- saint
  • Kahaan- Lord Krishna, universe
  • Kiyansh- with all qualities
  • Krishav- Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva

 Baby Boy names with “L”

  • Laksh- aim
  • Lakshin- with auspicious marks
  • Lakshit- aim
  • Lav- fragment
  • Lekhit- author
  • Lithesh- Charming
  • Livjot- Light of God
  • Lohit- enlightened



 Baby Boy names with “M”

  • Manan- to reflect
  • Maanas- Human
  • Manandeep- Enlightened soul

 Baby Boy names with “N”

  • Naksh- moon
  • Nimit- destiny
  • Nirved- gift by God



 Baby Boy names with “P”

  • Pahal- beginning
  • Parnit- sensitive
  • Pranay- romance
  • Pranit- humble



 Baby Boy names with “R”

  • Rachit- invention
  • Reeyansh- first ray of sunlight
  • Ridit-world known
  • Rishit- learned
  • Rushil- charming

 Baby Boy names with “S”

  • Sadhil- perfect
  • Sarthak- Well done
  • Shivansh- a portion of Lord Shiva



 Baby Boy names with “T”

  • Taarush- conqueror
  • Taj- crown
  • Takh- Lord Ganesha
  • Talin- Lord Shiva
  • Tamas- skilled
  • Tanas- humble
  • Tanmay- absorbed
  • Tansh- beautiful
  • Tanvir- strong
  • Tarik- who crosses river of life
  • Tejas- bright light



 Baby Boy names with “V”

  • Ved- sacred knowledge
  • Vihaan- dawn
  • Viraj- resplendent
  • Viransh- strong



 Baby Boy names with “Y”

  • Yash- fame
  • Yug- era
  • Yuvaan- full of life



 Baby Boy names with “Z”

  • Zayan- beautifier
  • Zuber- pure

You have a lot of options with so many Indian baby names for boys and girls! Hence, consult your partner and your immediate family before making the decision. If you haven't yet chosen the ideal baby name for your priceless child, don't be upset. Have fun finding names!

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