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Let Them Fall & Get Dirty, Let Them Learn & Explore

Those tiny little feet are a bundle of joy. We do our best to take care of the little baby in the house, from massaging to cleaning, from caring and pampering to child-proofing the house. A newborn’s soft, pink feet of the baby are tiny enough to fit in our palms. As the baby grows and learns to walk, those ‘always-so-clean’ feet and legs are bound to get dirty. As the infant becomes a toddler and starts tottering, s/he is likely to get some bruises. So, should we stop putting the baby on the ground or the floor?

The answer is simply no. We can’t lock their exploring bodies and confine them inside their rooms. However, instead of making her/him independent, we go overboard in making the child dependent on us for every little thing. Why? 

Simply, because we fear that they might not be able to do themselves. And, as our little children grow up into adults, we expect them to take their own responsibility and make decisions themselves.

“When my son was just 2, he jumped onto a cemented window sill”, recalls one of our teachers, “I was so scared and angry, simultaneously, that I was shouting at the top of my voice, but my son wasn’t just ready to listen. He would cry as I tried to get him down. Just then, my father asked me to leave him, saying that he won’t fall, as he was holding the iron grills tightly. I followed my father and left my son on his own. Right after two minutes, my little boy asked for my help to get down and I was surprised, while my father gave me he-knows-all look!” 

In the words of American Columnist, John Rosemond, “Parents who want their children to eventually stand on their own two feet must be occasionally willing to let them fall down.” 

It’s better to let them fall and fail, so that they learn how to succeed from their failures.  The next time your child falls, hold yourself before rushing to her/him. Wait, till s/he gets up or ask for your help. Of course, you ought to make haste if you feel it’s not a minor fall! But, otherwise, just let the children learn themselves that there’s a consequence of certain kinds of behaviour.

Falling is mandatory, for every fall teaches your child how to stand up and continue walking.

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