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List of Christmas Gifts for Kids under 1000 Rupees

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Watching kids eagerly open presents on Christmas morning is something magical and with Christmas round the corner, as a parent you must be wondering what Santa Claus could give this year. 

If you're shopping for Christmas gifts for toddlers or children, make sure the toys are appropriate for their age to guarantee safe play, and choose items that will provide hours of enjoyment. Adding to it, if you are looking for something awesome yet pocket-friendly for your child, you are at the right place. wonderLearn presents to you an ecstasy collection of Christmas gifts for kids under 1000 rupees. 

Christmas Gifts under 1000 rupees


Scroll down to find awesome SMART learning toys for kids that can be played individually and you can also access wonderLearn app for digital games and quizzes.

Farm Animals Board


Christmas gifts for kids under 1000

The learning smart toy introduces children to the concept of motor skills by letting them transport their farm animal friends, learning about their babies, homes, food etc. The wonderLearn farm animals toy is a smart toy for kids aged 2 years and above. The kids can match the parent animal pegs to the baby animals and also their food.

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Hammer and Peg Toy

Christmas gifts for kids under 1000


Make fun shapes using matching nails, hammer them into the board and take them out. Your kids will develop their fine motor skills, and they will be able to role-play while being entertained with the creative mind. The set contains 1 peg board, 1 wooden hammer, 20 pegs in 4 different colours, 6 game sheets.

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Logic Board Game

Christmas gifts for kids under 1000


Logic Board Game is a smart toy for kids that will teach them math and logic skills. The toy is filled with a variety of activities that will teach your child about numbers, shape, colors, and association. The toy comes with a wooden board, puzzle pieces and flashcards. This game can be played in various ways- number counting, color association, shape formation and more.

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Wooden Doctor Set

Christmas gifts for kids under 1000


A pretend play toy set for kids to spark your child's imagination. Be a pretend doctor and know where and how to use the different medical instruments.Playing together with parents or friends will be a great bonding experience. This doctor set game helps children learn about the human body, use of different medical instruments and more.

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Sea & Ocean Animal Board

Christmas gifts for kids under 1000


Sea and Ocean animals Game is an interactive high-tech toy that is sure to captivate your child's imagination and creativity. This toy is perfect for your child's development and is a great way to introduce your child to sea animals, their movement, food, breathing, growth, defense etc. The toy introduces children to the concept of sink and float by setting up the game in a bowl of water.

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Memory Game


Christmas gifts for kids under 1000

Memory game is an educational game that children of all ages can enjoy. It is a great way to help children practice their memory skills as well as their logic. The game includes a wide variety of cute animals and a variety of categories to help you train your children's memory and to stimulate their creative thinking.

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Tetris Board Game


Christmas gifts for kids under 1000

Tetris is a fun math puzzle board game for kids. Experience how to learn and practice early Math concepts like counting, addition and subtraction while playing with this classic game. This toy comes along with different colored wooden pieces, 3 sheet inserts and a board. 

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Magnetic Transport


Christmas gifts for kids under 1000

Magnetic Transport Learning Toy will help your little one to engage in a wide range of developmental skills. Enhance imagination skill, your child will be learning about different modes of transport, shape sorting, pattern matching , hand eye coordination and more.

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Seasons Board Game


This magnetic toy set contains hands-on activity pegs based on different types of seasons that will help your child's hand-eye coordination, concept on seasons, imagination skills, general awareness and creativity. With this set they will be able to practice their observation skills and understand the concept of four key seasons in a fun way.

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Fruit & Vegetables Board 


Christmas gifts for kids under 1000

With the cute shapes and perfect size fruits and vegetables cutting toys, kids can develop cognitive ability, practical ability, and train their hand-eye coordination. Cutting,fine motor skills,pencil grip, creativity and thinking ability through play.

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What to Look for in Christmas Toys for Kids?

  • The toys must be age appropriate
  • The toys must provide joy to kids
  • The toy should be engaging
  • The toy should serve an extra purpose other than play

Yes, the age between 2 to 5 years is very vital for early development. As a child engages or plays with a toy, they should also develop some basic skills such as colour identification, counting, pencil grip, fine motor skills, pattern matching and more at the same time. 

Thus learning toys are a must at this age. These toys mentioned above not only solve the purpose of learning through play but also keeps your child fully engaged. 

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