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Parents' Guide To Staying at Home

In today's covid climate, families are spending more time at home than ever before. Similarly, the kitchen table has become an officer and a classroom at the same time. In the backyard, kids' gym classes are held while adults work out. Medical appointments and mental health treatments take place in front of computers, just like playdates and coffee dates. While everyone is experiencing a tough time, no one has to do it alone. Using this guide, you can encourage play, plan celebrations, maintain learning and work, and stay sane as we all go through this time together.

1)  "Play'' For The Win

It is normal to have worries and fears as a child, but sometimes they become more embedded, and the child becomes anxious in everyday situations despite the reassurances of their parents. Others may suffer from anxiety that affects their sleep or enjoyment of life.

 The situation is particularly problematic in the midst of a Coronavirus pandemic, where uncertainty abounds and constant news reports can create anxiety.


There's good news: Play can be an antidote to fear. "Play provides both stress relief and a safe place to talk about difficult topics. Playing with dolls and stuffed animals (as well as building blocks) helps children express emotions that are difficult to express verbally. Kids may create a town with walls around it to represent their fears during the pandemic, for example.



2)   Be A Part Of The Laughter   

In the event of fear or anxiety, a child's body naturally prepares to fight, flee, or freeze.

 It releases stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. As their hearts beat faster, their blood flow to their muscles increases to prepare for danger. When children are anxious, it is difficult for them to relax, and their digestive systems can also be affected, therefore they complain about stomach aches. Laughter can help them in this situation. The act of laughing relaxes the muscles, reduces stress hormones, and releases endorphins-the feel-good hormones-which lower blood pressure. 

Observe what makes your child laugh and make sure to do the same.

3) Let Them Have The Power

There is nothing better than reversing the roles and giving children the power when they are afraid. This can be done by setting up scenarios. Think about a pillow fight where they knock you over or a tug of war where they pull you across the room. Make sure not to overpower your child or tickle them, but instead, put up a little bit of resistance and then let them win.

 Ultimately, physical play can be transformative. During roughhousing or rough-and-tumble play, children are able to move, build body awareness, interact, and strengthen their relationships with each other.


4) Keep Healthy Routines

During the pandemic, it is more important than ever to maintain bedtime and other routines. They create a sense of order to the day that offers reassurance in a very uncertain time. All children, including teens, benefit from routines that are predictable yet flexible enough to meet individual needs.

 Structure the day. With the usual routines thrown off, establish new daily schedules. Break up schoolwork when possible. Older children and teens can help with schedules, but they should follow a general order, such as wake-up routines, getting dressed, breakfast, and some active play in the morning,

5) Organize Special Events

 You can allow your child to do anything during this "special time". You and your child should spend one-on-one time together. Turn off your phone before you begin.

Allow your child to choose what they want to do; follow their lead. They might pretend to be your teacher telling you what to do, or they might pretend to be your older sibling. Nothing needs to be done except to simply allow them to direct the play in the way that feels right to them. 

Your child can depend on a special time when it is performed regularly.

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