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Physical Activity Sharpens The Brain- Few Tips To Make Your Kids Active At Home

Physical activity is vital for babies, toddlers and preschoolers for their healthy growth and overall development.  As per the health specialists, children under five, should not stay inactive for longer duration (except when they are asleep). So, here are a few activities that your little ones can engage in:

  • Obstacle Course
  • Lay an obstacle course for your child, for example, jump in and out of a ring, crawl under a table, move around a chair, walk while balancing a plush toy on the head and then toss it in the laundry basket. You may increase the difficulty level gradually like asking your child to walk on one foot and so on. You can use hula hoops, courier boxes and other items to make every obstacle exciting.

    •  Imitating Animals

    Children love to imitate animals. Here are a few examples you can ask your child to do:

    • Jump like a frog
    • Hop like a rabbit
    • Kick like a donkey
    • Jump like a kangaroo
    • Fly like a bird
    • Waddle like a penguin
    • Dance like a peacock
    • Beat your chest like a gorilla
    • Swing and scratch like a monkey

     You can also add a fun element by writing the movements on small paper slips and let your child pick up one and follow the instructions.


    •  Dance Freeze

    The child dances to the song when you play and when you stop, he/she should ‘freeze’! You can also try variation- fast dance, then slow dance and then freeze. The child is thus able to develop sensory awareness and consciousness. Besides, dance is a natural way of learning that promotes psychological health.


  • Pop the Bubble Wrap
  • We all can’t resist the urge to pop the bubble wrap! But the next time a package arrives in bubble wrap, save them for your kids and ask them to jump and pop those tiny bubbles. They will be engaged in fun.


  • Balloon Basketball     
  • The child can hit the balloon with hands or head so that the balloon should not touch the ground. This game will keep the child engaged for a long period.


  • Swimming On The Mat
  • Lay down your yoga mat and encourage your little one to pretend to swim on it. He/she should lie down on the tummy, place arms in front of the head and push them back, as if floating forwards.

     Try a new activity everyday and create your own versions. Let the children stay active and have fun simultaneously! 

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