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Popular Educational Toys For Kids Between 2-6 Years Old

Fun Learning Toys For Kids

Play is an important aspect in the life of a child and educational toys provide all the skills which help her/him to manipulate, experiment and discover in order to absorb the learning of new concepts. One way parents can upskill the development of their kids is by incorporating educational toys and games into their children's lives.

We provide a variety of educational toys for kids, ranging from building blocks to word searches and more. We have something for every age group that proves learning doesn't have to be boring.

Few Educational Toys Categories: 

  1. wonderLearn Learning & Play Kit- 2+ Year Old STEM Problem Solving, Brain Game, Children Educational Toy, Kids Pretend Play Kit (Smart Math)
  2. wonderLearn Early Learning and Play kit 3+ Year Old - Pretend Play, Memory, Fishing Game, Children Educational Toy
  3. wonderLearn Learning and Fun Educational Toys for 2-6 Year old - The Quiz Whiz

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Educational Toys for Kids | The Wonder Kid Kit


educational toys for kids, educational kit, learning toys

Presenting The Wonder Kid is curated for children between 2 to 3.5 years of age. A set of creative learning activities designed for your little one, that provides a comprehensive learning experience. It aims to provide reasoning and awareness, honing language & communication, along with mathematical concepts. 

The contents engage the children and support their curiosity, making learning fun. Active, hands-on experience is vital for a comprehensive understanding of the concepts where toys come to aid.

Here are some curated educational toys which come in The Wonder Kid Kit:

educational toys for kids, educational kit, learning toys

Fruit Board: Let your children explore the shapes &  colors of different fruits. Use the knife to cut each fruit into two halves. Impart sharing in kids. They can also pretend to play with these 7 colorful fruits by becoming chefs & making some scrumptious salad! They can also trace the fruits & replicate the colors. Sorting the fruits according to their seeds- edible or non-edible; few or many; one or many, can also be done. Kids can thus increase their visual-spatial skills &  fine motor skills. Their concentration & focus too get augmented.

Block Puzzle: Kids will reinforce the concept of shapes & colors as they fix the block puzzle to find different colored shapes- circle, square, triangle, rectangle, hexagon &  oval. Puzzles help in setting goals and instill a sense of achievement.

Magnetic Shapes: Magnets are fun! Children can easily learn different shapes, in different colors, with the help of these magnets. The shapes can be used with the magnetic board provided along with or can be displayed on the refrigerator too. Little ones can try to make different patterns and objects and let their creative expressions out.

Xylophone: Who wants to make some noise? Well, all children do! So, let them play different tunes with this vibrant xylophone. They can try hopping on different colors one by one, then by skipping one & so on.

To sum up, the above learning toys for kids are a perfect blend for 2 to 3.5 years of age &  help children in the following ways:

  • Improve hand-eye coordination
  • Enhance fine motor & pre-writing skills
  • Boost problem-solving skills
  • Increase cognitive ability
  • Develop a sense of pride

Educational Toys for Kids | The Theme Guru Kit


educational toys for kids, educational kit, learning toys

Open the doors of imagination for your little one with  Theme Guru, which is an intermediate set of toys, specially designed for children between 2 to 3.5 years of age. It provides a comprehensive learning experience. The structured learning toys promote imagination & creativity, simultaneously supporting social & emotional development.

The curated educational kit for kids that come along with the Theme Guru kit are:

educational toys for kids, educational kit, learning toys

  • The cooking set: Who says cooking is not a child’s play? Well, with this kit, your child too can pretend to cook some scrumptious food with the pot & pan, using the turner & spatula. Ask them to serve your food in style on the palate, with a fork & a knife. We are sure you will have a helping hand soon in your real kitchen too! 
  • Vegetable Board: To compliment the cooking set, here are some vegetables that your child is going to love, even if he’s a picky eater! Children can cook a vegetable curry by cutting the vegetables with the given knife. They can explore which vegetables can be eaten raw & which ones need to be cooked before eating. They can even trace the shapes of the vegetable and replicate the colors & the details like the eyes of the potato, layers of the onion, etc.
  • The communication cards: The cute little communication cards are extremely useful for honing language & communication. 
  • Lacing boards: Lacing boards of vehicles such as bus & car help in strengthening pincer grip & pre-writing skills. They instill a sense of achievement as the kids accomplish the tasks.
  • Nail & Hammer: An interesting toy by which children can hammer the colorful nails on the board. Different patterns with the nails can also be made. They can choose any overlay sheet & place it on the board., then fill the holes in the overlay sheets by hammering the corresponding color nails. The nail & hammer board develops motor skills, improves perseverance, and teaches the importance of safety as well. 

The above toys promote independent play as well as playing with others, thus enhancing social skills.

  • Improve hand-eye coordination
  • Enhance fine motor & pre-writing skills
  • Boost problem-solving skills
  • Increase cognitive ability
  • Promotes learning and growth

Educational Toys for Kids | The Cool Cucumber Kit


Toys are an ethical choice that allows children to play, have fun and learn. Introducing the Cool Cucumber- educational toy for kids which lets your child pretend to play the role of community helpers- Doctor & Chef with a unique doctor set & colorful pizza set.  

The educational activity kit includes communication cards which are extremely useful for honing language & communication. The activity sheets will engage your emerging writers. Here are the toys that are included in the learning kit for kids:

educational toys for kids, educational kit, learning toys

  • Doctor Set: Pretend to play with the wooden doctor set, which contains syrup, ointment, tablets, a stethoscope, syringe, forceps, needle holder & a thermometer.
  • Pizza Set: Put on your chef hats to prepare delicious pizza! Cook & bake using a uniquely designed pot, pan, spoon spatula, turner, and pizza cutter & serve on the plate with cutlery, using the special tray. Learn about vegetables too as you cook. You can also trace the vegetable toppings!
  • Fishing Set: Go fishing & learn about the different sea creatures with this fishing set. You can use it in the water too & learn the concept of float & sink. The vibrant fishing toy will improve concentration and accuracy of movement.
  • Memory Game: Sharpen your memory skills & increase your retention power as you uncover the matching picture pair. Memory games will help your child learn about world festivals, various cultures, and different animals
  • Find the same picture on farm animals & wild animals sheets. 
  • Find two different pictures representing the same festival on the world festivals sheet.
  • Identify the habitats of animals & match the correct animal with its habitat.
  • Identify the seasons & match them with the corresponding pictures.
  • Explore the different community helpers & match them with their jobs.
  • Discover the traditional dresses of the people from different parts of the world & identify the matching picture.
  • Count the holes on the given tiles & match them with the correct number.

 The Cool Cucumber set provides holistic learning and a joyful experience too.  

  • Instill curiosity & imagination
  • Enhance fine motor skills
  • Boost problem-solving skills
  • Practice communication & vocabulary
  • Boost memory & concentration


Educational Toys for Kids | The Quiz Whiz Kit


educational toys for kids, educational kit, learning toys

How can I improve my child’s literacy skills? How can I increase my child’s logical thinking? As a parent, such questions come into our minds and we try to search for the best solution. Well, you can augment language & literacy in young children with the help of our Quiz Whiz box, and also improve their logical skills.

The Quiz Whiz educational kit consists of exciting learning games and toys, as mentioned below:

educational toys for kids, educational kit, learning toys

  • Rhyming Wooden Set: The rhyming wooden puzzle helps the children in understanding the sounds and patterns in various words. Each puzzle tile in the set has a picture with its name. Pick up a tile & search for the picture which has the same ending sound. Only the correct rhyming word will fix with the tile you picked.
  • Season Activity with Magnets: The season theme-based magnets help the child learn about the nature & the changes they observe during each season. Place the correct magnets on the magnetic sheets, depicting the four seasons. Observe the change in the tree as there is change of season. Get creative & draw your own season tree!
  • Under- Water Math Puzzle: Let your child dive deep into the water and crack the secrets of the sea with Under Water Math puzzle. They learn to quantify, addition & subtraction as they fix the pieces of the puzzles. The picture on each piece depicts a number which needs to be placed on the corresponding number on the sheet.

Apart from providing endless learning with fun, The Quiz Whiz aims at-

  • Improving hand-eye coordination
  • Enhancing fine motor skills
  • Boosting problem solving skills
  • Practicing communication & improve vocabulary
  • Understanding the concept of change
  • Instill curiosity & imagination
  • Enhance fine motor skills
  • Boost problem solving skills
  • Practice communication & vocabulary
  • Boost memory & concentration

Join in the fun with your child and make endless memories.


FAQ’S For Educational Toys For Kids | Learning Kit 

Q. How do educational toys help child development?

- Educational toys have been shown to improve your child's IQ through improving memory retention, coordination, and literacy. 


Q. What is the purpose of educational toys?

- Educational toys are used to encourage children to learn. It aids in the development of a specific skill or the teaching of a specific subject to a kid.


Q. What are the different types of educational toys?

- Stacking and Building Blocks Toys. Pretend Play Toys. Creative Art and Craft Kits are some of the types of educational toys for kids to learn from.
- wonderLearn has varieties of educational toys for preschoolers. 

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