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Practical Life Skills That Every Child Should Learn

Being a parent is a never-ending job. While we try to master the art of parenting, we make sure that our children acquire the best skill set and use them effectively. As we raise our younger ones to be happy and self-confident, we should also condition them how to face problems in real-life scenarios. Here are some practical life skills that are important to teach our kids:

  • Make your pre-schooler learn your phone number. In today's time, it’s easier to store a number than to remember it. Even we adults don't remember more than a couple of phone numbers. But, make sure your child learns and remembers at least one of your mobile numbers. It will be very helpful in case of any emergency.


  • Teach your little ones how to unbolt/ unlock a door. Many little children accidentally lock themselves or bolt up the parents. It’s such a harrowing situation for both the child and the parent, who frantically try to break the door open. To avoid this, demonstrate multiple times how to unbolt/ unlock a door. You can also get them lock and key toys, which are available in the market.

  • Teach your kids to fold the clothes. Kids as young as 5-year-olds are able to fold clothes by themselves if they are taught. Just start with their own t-shirts and you will be surprised how soon they pick up the skill. Younger kids are able to do sorting. So, give them socks to start with. They can make pairs of socks and sort clothes of the family members from the laundry.
  • Teach them whom to contact when you are not around. Decide any two 'point of contact' persons. These people could be your trustworthy friends or neighbors, whom your children can approach if there’s any emergency, when you or any other elder family member is not around.

  • Gradually teach them to be independent. As your kids grow up, give them a sense of responsibility and have confidence in them in what they do. 7 or 8-year-olds can pump air in their basketballs themselves, or sew a button under supervision. After they enter their teens, they can prepare tea/ coffee/ Maggi. Make sure they know how to turn off the main gas knob too! They should also know how to change a bulb, keeping safety precautions in mind.

Happy Parenting!


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