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Smart Toys Of wonderLearn -Part 1

2020-2021 has been a rollercoaster of a year, for sure; apart from its ups and downs, roller coasters almost always guarantee another thing - lots of fun! That’s exactly what all the little ones at wonderLearn had this year! 

So, to end our year on a colorful and joyful note, we asked our little one what helped make their year fun, and while all of them loved receiving a ‘surprise box’ every month, each of them had their ‘most favoritest’ toys :) 

Here is a round up of the most loved wonderLearn toys of 2020-2021


The world of colors and numbers collide to create a fun learning experience. Count, add, subtract, create patterns - our little ones kept themselves (and us!) entertained throughout the year, without a doubt.

Tracing Boards

Learning letters and numbers has never been more fun. Children explored these boards with paint, crayons, playdough - some even filled it with colored sand. Truly, having fun while learning! 

Magnets and Blocks

Our youngest learners couldn’t get their hands off the range of wooden blocks and magnetic shapes - even making it truly their own, and creating different ways to use them as they attended their classes. 

Learning about Fruits and Vegetables
This year has been nothing short of colorful, for the wonderLearn family. Children learnt about fruits and vegetables with a fun vegetable and fruit tray - using which they even got to cut different fruits and vegetables. While the adults may have gotten bored of cutting vegetables, our little ones sure didn’t! 

Pizza decoration and Cooking

Our little chefs got to decorate their own pizzas and even attempt fireless cooking in their classes. There are definitely going to be a few new young masterchefs to look out for in the next few years :) 

Music to our Ears

Another favorite activity through the year was the xylophone! Our little ones learnt how they can make their own music. To be fair, some of them created their own instruments using pencils on wooden blocks and their other toys that they received. Some may say noisy, we say music to our ears! 

This is only the icing on the cake, there are tons more surprises our little ones got through the year in their monthly kits - these were just some of the ones they all LOVED without a doubt! To get your little one a box of wonder, visit us at and let’s celebrate the fun of early year learning together! 

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