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Top 10 Indoor Winter Activities For Kids 

List of Winter Activities

Winter is here, and for the vast majority of children, this is vacation time. Despite the fact that kids like to play outside most of the time, it is best for them to stay inside during this freezing weather. Parents search for numerous winter break activities and ideas to keep their children amused during this time. If you're seeking fun winter activities for kids, this article will introduce you to some thrilling indoor and outdoor winter activities for kids that they are sure to love.

Indoor winter activities for kids to keep your child engaged

Pretend play

Most children like pretend play, which is one of the most popular games. Tell your children to pretend and be someone else. They could play a doctor or an astronaut and act out their imagined roles. For greater pretend play, you may get sets for doctors, cooks, and professionals.


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Board Games

These are incredible, knowledge-filled, and entertaining games. Some of the most popular board games include snake and ladder, uno, phonics and reading games, among others. They keep kids interested while also allowing them to playfully rehearse lessons.

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Treasure Hunt

Kids adore participating in treasure hunts. Hide some fascinating hints with basic instructions for each target. Give them the surprise-filled treasure box at the finish.



Activity Sheets

Download some printable activity sheets and engage your child in learning through play. As a winter special sale wonderLearn is offering free activity sheets with every toy box. Get one for your child asap. 



Play with Learning Toys

Don’t let the holiday season lose your child’s touch with learning. Buy a few SMART Learning toys for your child and let them learn through play. There are toys available for phonics, reading practice, thematic like modes of transport, farm animals, wild animals, sea animals and more through toys. 


farm animals

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sea animals

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logic board

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Watch a Christmas Movie

It's soothing to watch movies with family on a chilly winter evening. Enjoy a home-cooked supper while snuggling up to watch a children's christmas movie like The Grinch, Home Alone, or A Christmas Carol.

Create Christmas crafts at home

Let your child experiment with clay, paper, cardboard, and other materials. Allow kids to create Christmas-themed crafts like paper snowflakes, Christmas tree stars, or holiday cards now that the holiday season is almost here.



Ice Art

Make an entertaining ice art with  Ice moulds in the form of various figurines. You will be needing food-safe colours, water and freeze overnight.



Reading  book

Reading a book might be a lot of fun. For your child, read some Christmas-themed novels. You might gather some kids and use it as a storytelling exercise. 



Dance and music party

Why not throw your kid and his or her buddies a little dance and music party? Your child's enthusiasm would rise at a gathering where they could shake their teeny legs and eat from an incredible buffet.

These are some ideas for fun indoor winter activities that you can enjoy with your kids. 

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