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Travelling With Kids- Here Are Some Handy Tips

Who doesn’t like to go on holiday? We all do, and the thought of going on a holiday itself is so pleasurable. However, going on a trip with kids can be a daunting experience at times. Children may get irritated, exhausted, or even bored once in a while. They may refuse to get themselves clicked or may even stop to pick up pebbles, but, don’t let these factors hamper your travel plans. With careful planning and a little bit of patience, your travel can be fun and
adventurous if you follow these simple travel tips:

 Don’t forget the snacks; dried snacks preferably, to avoid the mess. Kids can feel hungry anytime and anywhere, so a lit bit of snacking really helps to curb the crankiness.

 Carry some garbage bags to throw in the garbage, especially if you are on a road trip. A back seat organizer in a car is also very helpful in accessing little things like tissues/ sippers, etc.

 Instead of normal water bottle, take sippy bottles (with straws) to avoid spillage.

 Wet wipes are a must while travelling with a kid. They come in handy during any travel.

 Do take a new toy (or the one which your child hasn’t been playing with lately), colour's and books to keep
your child occupied. Sketch books and sticker books can be engaging.

 Carry all the essential medicines and ointments- for fever, colds/cough, allergies, vomiting and diarrhea.
Don’t forget to pack a mosquito/insect repellant as well.

 Ask them questions- can be about travel or the place you are visiting, or maybe the scenery they can see
from the window.

 Click candid shots more, instead of asking your child to pose for the camera. You will run out of patience, but children will not smile (well, mostly). So, just take candid photos. Or try saying,” Look, there’s a dinosaur on
my camera”!

 15-20 minutes of screen time a day is OK during travel. So, if your child is getting too fussy, don’t feel guilty
about handing over that tablet/ mobile phone.

 If you are visiting a crowded place, like an amusement park, it would be advisable to write your phone number on a chit and slide it down in your child’s pocket, if s/he is too small to remember and tell your number. There have been instances where children get separated from their parents in swarming places.

 Relax! It’s very essential.

Explore the world with your kids and make memories together.
Safe travels!

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