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18 Best TV Shows For Kids Of Age 3-11 Years

Here are the best TV shows for kids: From Creative galaxy to oswald and Sid the Science Kid, we have it all!


Children and adults alike enjoy watching television as a kind of entertainment. We can all recall anxiously awaiting the starting of our favorite tv series as children. Things have changed since then, and kid's tv shows have jumped to OTT platforms. The best c kids TV shows aren't simply for children. However, while kids have a plethora of shows to choose from, it is your job as a parent to steer them in the right direction. To assist you, we've produced a selection of TV shows for children that they can watch and learn from.


Best Kids TV Shows

We have divided the television shows for children into three categories according to their ages:

  • TV Shows For Kids Of Age 3-6 Years
  • TV Shows For Kids Of Age 6-9 Years
  • TV Shows For Kids Of Age 9-11 Years


TV Shows For Kids of Age 3-6 Years Old


Ask the StoryBots

StoryBots is one of the most popular educational shows on television. The episodes follow Beep, Boop, Bing, Bang, and Bo as they try to answer questions like, "How do eyes work?" "What's is recycling?" . " What are the symptoms of a cold and how do you get one?"  The funny narration is amusing and entertaining, but the answers are serious and scientifically valid, which is why it earned several Emmy awards.


Mickey Mouse Club House

Mickey Mouse is one of the most well-known Disney cartoon characters among children. Every day, Mickey and his six friends (Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and Pluto) embark on a new adventure. It's a tremendous favorite with toddlers since it teaches them to count, spell, sing, and think in an amusing way.


Pingu is a children's show about a penguin who lives in an igloo with his mother, father, and sister. He is naughty and gets himself into trouble, but he learns an important lesson in the end. This charming penguin show that spoke Penguinese was a hit with kids in the 1990s.


PAW Petrol

The PAW is well-known to any parent of a small child. Cartoon dog fans will pawsitively not want to miss this. The beloved pups on PAW Patrol collaborate to safeguard Adventure Bay from all of the issues that emerge, while showcasing the value of friendship and hard work. No one can possibly ignore these adorable crime-fighting puppies.


Bob The Builder

This TV show for kids is about Bob and his machines/vehicles assist the villagers with their building work in this children's television show. The machines have charming names and can communicate with one another. Each episode concludes with a wonderful lesson for the children.



Oswald, a large blue octopus, and his dog Weenie star in this popular classic kid's tv show. Oswald is a fun-loving but cautious octopus. The show teaches kids safety tips like looking on both sides of the road when crossing the street, and so on.


TV Shows For Kids Of Age 6-9 Years


Creative Galaxy

With the level of fascination for watercolors and sketch pens, our little brats tend to use them up and exhaust them in just a few minutes that we buy them. If your child is someone who loves art, this is the right show for them. 

Creative Galaxy is one of the best and worth watching tv shows for kids that could help your child recognize the planet names, develop art skills, and imbibe simple galaxy science. The two main characters from the show – Arty and Epiphany drive kids to a level where they tend to solve creative problems with art.


Sid The Science Guy

One of the best and most recommended tv shows for preschoolers is ‘Sid the Science Kid’. The entire series is depicted in terms of music and fun elements that can take your child to the world of exploration and science readiness in their early childhood. At an age, where they are hardly aware of the reasons behind evolution, this show can promote their little brains to understand and derive answers to those simple science concepts. 

Each episode of this show mainly focuses on a curriculum that is based on practical science concepts that are designed for preschoolers. As your child watches the show, it gets so interesting to them that they tend to think, talk and enable them to feel that science is around us. A good kick-starter show before our little ones could actually turn out into little Einsteins in their schools. 


Shawn the Sheep

Shawn the sheep is a children's television series about an extraordinarily bright sheep who lives at Mossy Bottom Farm with his friends. Shaun always manages to get himself into trouble and out of it in ingenious and amusing ways. This is a must-see for kids who want to think creatively.


Curious George

George, the monkey, is the star of this show, as the name implies. He is curious and often gets himself into trouble. The man in the yellow hat, his mentor and friend, comes to his aid everytime. Kids learn about science while having fun, such as how a kite flies, how a hand pump works, and so on.


The Boss Baby: Back in Business

The adorable but pushy toddler has returned. This show is about how Baby Corp.'s Boss Baby and his brother Tim work to keep the love for babies alive against fierce competition from kittens and puppies. Despite the fact that Boss Baby and his brother have opposing viewpoints, they are able to get along and function as a team.


Spongebob Squarepants

SpongeBob Squarepants is a terrific Nickelodeon cartoon for kids that takes viewers down beneath the water to Bikini Bottom, the place where our beloved absorbent, yellow, and porous spongebob calls home. The lovely protagonist can be found leaving his pineapple home to go jelly fishing in the park, assemble a delectable Krabby Patty, spend time with his partner in crime, Patrick Star, and, of course, upset his snobby neighbor Squidward Tentacles.


TV Shows For Kids Of Age 9-11 Years

Bubble Guppies

Make your little ones learn about the underwater creatures today! A very subtle and interesting show that can pull in the preschoolers attention quickly. A varied group of friends makes some discoveries in their underwater world. The bottom line of this story is curiosity and mishaps go hand in hand, but with friends along for the ride, no challenge is impossible.

The show helps children know about the importance of friendship, teamwork, and being there for each other through all thick and thin. All that they would need is to have spent the best time playing around and keep interacting in groups. While this is happening, let us see some values of friendship which they could apply in a better way when they are at schools or any other gatherings.


Phineas and Ferb

This tv show for kids follows two brilliant brothers who create incredible buildings such as theme parks, rockets, and a backyard ocean, while their sister Candace tries to catch them red-handed by their mother. Another story is going in which Perry, Phineas and Ferb's pet platypus, is a secret agent attempting to save the world from Dr. Doofenshmirtz.

Pete The Cat

Developing the inner sense of building the best attitude could arise from early childhood either by the influence of parents, teachers, or even by fellow friends. Shows like Pete the Cat can ideally help your child to trigger a pathway in being independent enough and walking with a brave mind. As we all know that behaviors and values are taught and inculcated from home, we should also be aware of such insightful shows for our children that can help them acquire the best decorum as they grow older.

Ben 10

This cartoon for kids is about a young kid named Ben Tennyson who, while on a field trip with his grandfather, receives an alien watch (Omnitrix). The watch allows him to transform into a variety of extraterrestrial forms, each with its own set of abilities. Ben must now learn the responsibility of using these abilities for the greater welfare of humanity.


Hotel Transylvania: The Series

If your children enjoyed Hotel Transylvania, the 2012 animated picture about an average boy who falls in love with Dracula's daughter, they'll love this Disney Channel prequel series. While her father is away on a business trip, Mavis, Dracula's fun-loving teen daughter, takes over the hotel, but her plans are thwarted when her strict aunt arrives for a visit.


Pokemon The Series

This popular children's television show follows Ash as he pursues his dream of becoming a Pokemon trainer. He travels with his buddies, acquiring new pokemon and learning the techniques of pokemon battles while navigating Team Rocket's obstacles.


TV shows for kids are an excellent approach to educate children while also entertaining them. Young brains are affected by visuals for a long time. Pingu or Oswald may teach the three to six-year-old about family love or safety regulations.

Phineas and Ferb, the young science geniuses, can pique the interest of children aged six to nine, while Ben10 can pique the interest of preteens in cookery. The children's shows listed below will entertain your youngsters while also teaching them something new.

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