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What is a traffic light? What does each color mean?

Can you imagine a busy junction without a traffic signal? Of course not, because without them, chaos will prevail. The movement of vehicles is controlled by the traffic lights. These lights are installed at busy crossroads to ensure smooth movement of the vehicles, as well as the safety of the commuters. Adherence to the traffic signal rules ensures safety of everyone.


traffic light, traffic signal

What are Traffic Lights?

Traffic lights, also known as traffic signals, are lights that are used to regulate the flow of traffic. They are positioned at crossings and intersections of roads. The multiple light hues instruct drivers on what to do.

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About traffic Signals

The traffic signals were first used by the railways, then later adopted for road traffic too. The first automatic electric traffic lights were installed in 1890, in the United States. From thereon, traffic lights have been used everywhere around the world.

These days, the traffic signals are either completely automated, or manually controlled by the traffic police. The fixed time signals automatically switch through the lights, whereas in the manual traffic signal, human intervention is needed. There are traffic actuated signals too which change the duration of the lights depending on the intensity of the traffic.

The traffic signals are easy to comprehend and follow a universal color code. 

How do traffic lights work? 

Red Traffic Light: Well, the red color, which says STOP,  is visible from a distance as it has the longest wavelength. The red color also indicates danger and helps the driver to be cautious. Even if the junction is clear, one should never jump the red light. It can be dangerous and one can be fined too.

Yellow Traffic Light: The Yellow color light tells the driver to get ready as the light will turn to red. So, the driver can start to slow down, if the intersection hasn’t been crossed. Yellow has a shorter wavelength than red and indicates warning. It is advised not to jump the yellow light and not to disregard the warning.

Green Traffic Light: The green light tells that one can go ahead. The green color is the opposite of the red color and relaxes the eyes and offers a safe way to the commuters. Green indicates a pleasing mood, so one can move forward.

Traffic Signal Rules

It is always good and advisable to follow the traffic lights and signals. Along with these, the following pointers come in handy to be a perfect driver:

  • Put on your seat belts. 
  • Use hand signals if your vehicle’s lights aren’t working.
  • Don’t keep swerving the lanes, unless it’s urgent.
  • Try not to honk.
  • Even if the light is green, look for the vehicles passing by, from other directions.
  • Pedestrians have the right of way, so be kind to them and let them cross first.
  • Stop before the zebra crossing.

To sum it up, traffic signals are really helpful in:

  • Safeguarding the commuters and minimizing accidents.
  • Ensuring smooth flow of the traffic.
  • Easing the movement of the pedestrians.

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