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Why Spending Quality Time With Your Child Is Important

As individuals, we consider every second or minute is counted as precious. Have we thought of ways
to make it precious anytime? Well, that’s a tough question as there could be a partial yes and no!
The basic reason is our fast-paced routine. The emotional bonding between a parent and child is
developed by the quality of time with each other on a day.

Creates unbreakable bonds
It is important for parents to be aware of their child’s day-to-day events as it triggers a sense of
friendliness and compassion. The kind of space given to children to interact, raise questions, end up
with infinite answers enables a line of trust, respect, and immense attachment. Also, certainly, parents will need to create a zone to welcome their little ones’ thoughts, weirdness, and the willingness to share anything at any point. At the end of the day, they are ours, we are theirs and the bond is unbreakable.

Seeding values
Childhood is the best period to get instilled with some everlasting values. Every day is counted in terms of inculcating good habits, giving respect to elders, learning the difference between right and
wrong, safe and unsafe, etc. Every little thing they learn is through years and years of ingraining morals and principles at the right times. However, instructing could be different from guiding children in a subtle way. Children tend to listen to a told tone than to an instructed tone. They
gradually become more receptive to the family values and will in turn start applying as they grow.

Building self-confidence
A child cannot always be right or always be wrong. But as parents, we know where and how we should guide them. Children need to be rooted with the feeling of realization in everything that they do. Oh yes, it does take time. But let’s start at our pace so their confidence and self-esteem are built
over the years. Their confidence level is reflected when they step out of their homes. Let’s hold their hands and introduce them to this tough world.

Acceptance of Strengths and Weaknesses
A child can develop a healthy and balanced personality starting from home. Parents will need to be aware of their child’s talents, strengths, and weaknesses. It is always good to give them the freedom
to express their feelings and creativity without worry. In addition to that, parents will need to accept their children for who they are, embrace their weaknesses and appreciate their little achievements.
Comparison with another child or judging your own child can never help. We all know every child is different from the other. So, let’s give them constant support to help them become positive characters.

Moments to cherish
Of all the greatest assets in the world, the most valuable one is happiness. We keep running around, catching our dreams, bringing up a better physical standard for the family, providing the best for our
little ones, etc, etc. But, above all these, let’s not forget to cherish every moment spent with our family, especially our little ones as there could be no other better thing that can happen to us if not with our kids.

One of the greatest benefits of spending quality time is helping improve the mental health of your children. Some natural ways to spend good quality time could be playing some indoor or outdoor games with your child, helping them with some artwork’s activities at school, teaching them some
simple daily chores, taking them on short trips such as play area parks, beaches, or educational tours, etc. All that we need is the small smile that we see on their face when they feel happy about what we have done for them.

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