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What makes wonderLearn unique?


The program is designed to enable self engaging, easy to grasp and permanent learning through toys, teachers and technology. It brings 'outcome-oriented' and 'age-based' learning curriculum using a toy-first medium which is proven to work best for 2-6 year olds. wonderLearn also enables child-child interaction from the safety of home through our small group live sessions. Our educators are available to support parents through 1:1 sessions or pre-recorded videos and ongoing counselling.


What does WonderLearn Subscription include?


wonderLearn subscription includes: i. An engaging toy and activity box; ii. Flexible teacher facilitation ~ 3-5 LIVE interactive classes per week; iii. Online practice games and exercises and pre-recorded videos for more self engaging learning @ home; iv. Course certificate.


How are wonderLearn online games relevant for children of this age group (2-6 years)?


wonderLearn program focuses on broad four skills - i. Language and communication skills; ii. Thinking and problem solving; iii. Social and general awareness; iv. Art and motor skills. All our toys and online games adhere to these core areas and more. All our online games are short duration interactive games which use audio, so a child hears, tries to follow instructions and solves problems, hence making screen time shorter and a lot more meaningful.


How do you ensure children sit for live classes?


The general construct of wonderLearn live online classes includes physical activity, story / poem / music, usage of learning toys in the kit to cover a learning topic etc. Children end up wanting to be a part of one or more of the same. Its more like a play-learn session with friends and their favourite teachers and children enjoy these sessions thoroughly. The small group size enables personalized attention on every child hence making them feel included and heard.


Will my child receive a certificate on enrolling in wonderLearn?


Yes, children receive wonderLearn certificate on completion of every program.

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