wonderLearn Magnetic Shapes Puzzles for Kids- STEM Montessori Toy for 2+ Years Old, Magnetic Toy, Puzzle Activity, SMART Learning Toy

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About the Product

  • This is a great educational toy for imaginative play for kids of 2 years and above. This toy enables the child to easily place shapes and patterns on the board. The pattern sheets are placed on the board in a random order. The child then has to match the shapes and patterns on the board and create new patterns. The activity has to be repeated until the child has completed the puzzle.
  • It is a creative and educational toy and game that helps your child to learn shapes, colors, pattern creation and matching. The base board is a large, flat puzzle base. Help your child to learn how to put the foam shapes in the right places by matching the colors and shapes.
  • This puzzle game helps the kid understand construction mechanisms, improve their soft skills & build self confidence while keeping the entertainment quotient high. It directs the kid's curiosity to help him learn and explore. These colourful pieces are light in wight with soft edges and safe for the young ones.
  • Kids are naturally curious about the world around them, and want to explore! Keep kids entertained and learning with these fun educational toys. This is a great toy for kids aged 2 to 6 year old boys as well as girls and it's a perfect Birthday gift. Package Content: 1 base board | 6 pattern sheets | 22 foam shapes
  • Magnetic Board, Pattern Block, Color Matching Fun Activity Toys, Creative Geometric Shapes, 

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