wonderLearn Human Body Science Kit- STEM Puzzle for 2-7 Years, Parts of Body+ Five Senses Combo, Logical Thinking

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About the Product

  • The science combo kit on human body is an excellent play-based learning material
  • The combo consists of 1 magnetic body parts toy with various matching pegs & five senses flashcards 
  • Each of these physical toys are integrated with digital courses, games and quiz to supplement early learning and provide an immersive learning experience to preschoolers.


Parts of Body

  • The game is designed with a variety of puzzles to provide a delightful learning experience and improve their memory. It's your baby's first STEM Montessori game, memory, and logical thinking game. It teaches kids ages 2 - 6 years old to master their spatial and logic skills. With the help of this educational toy, the child is able to learn and improve their hand-eye coordination, logic, and basic knowledge of the body through playing.
  • This learning toy develops the young child's imagination and curiosity about their body. This product is designed to foster early learning and introduce children to the concept of learning through play. It is an educational game for children from 2 years old to 6 years old and is appropriate for both boys and girls, making it a great choice for parents to teach their child.


Human Five Senses Flashcards

  • Five Senses Flash Cards STEM Toys is a set of five colourful flash cards that comes with a bonus game. It is a fun and engaging activity for kids. Teach your child the five senses in a fun and interactive way that’s easy to understand and remember. These fun toys are perfect for the pre-school children, who are eager to learn about their senses. The game is a good way to help the child develop their understanding of the functioning of their five senses.
  • Learn about Five senses - sense of sight, touch, sound, taste and smell with this set of flash cards. identify the different stimuli and place them on different sense cards. A science-based toy designed to teach children about the five senses, and how to use that information to better understand the world around them. The five senses flashcards provide your child with raw information that’s easy to understand and remember.

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