Eco-friendly Fruit & Vegetables set

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About the Product

Want to know more about and see healthy green vegetables and juicy fruits? Get this set of wooden vegetables & fruits from wonderLearn- most popular educational toys for kids.

What makes the this wooden fruit and vegetable set drool worthy?

1. Platter of 8 vegetables with wooden knife, which can be cut in half and put back

2. Platter of 8 fruits with wooden knife, which can be cut in half and put back

3. Access to games and videos for more learning on fruits and vegetables and other concepts.

How to play and use?

1. Identify and recognize vegetables and fruits by its shape, color etc. Learn object recognitions.

2. Learn whether you eat a veggie or fruit 'peeled' or 'washed'. E.g. tomato is washed, cucumber is peeled

3. Take all the vegetables and fruits and remove them from the platter. Now match the vegetables to its shape on the platter and put it back.

4. Cut the veggies and fruits in half using toy knife for pretend play fun making fruit salads/ dishes etc. A great way to practice gross and fine motor skills

5. You can join 2 halves of the same vegetables/fruit or different vegetable/fruit to make your own fun combos

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