wonderLearn Little Einstein Series - Me and my motor skills (2+ yr old kid)

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About the Product

  • Develop your child's imagination and improve body awareness with the Motor Skills Learning toy.
  • What is motor skills and how will it help? Your kids will learn how to recognize body parts, pretend they are a doctor, create patterns and more! Great preschool, kindergarten, nursery, toddler and early learning activity box and set of toys. Ideal birthday gifts for kids. Improve kids fine motor skills and gross motor skills.
  • The  fine Motor Skills Learning Toy offers an amazing variety of ways to play and learn. The 5 sense, body parts, and doctor set all help kids develop sensory awareness. The body parts puzzle toy and wooden toys enhance fine motor skills.
  • Develop motor skills, recognition and pattern matching with this set of 4 magnetic and wooden toys. This toy for fine motor skills activities and gross motor skill activities brings an opportunity for children to learn more about themselves and their bodies, while having fun! Includes: doctor set with stethoscope, injection
  • Kids will have great fun while developing their motor skills, imagination and communication skills through pretend playing. This set includes Contains 4 wooden and magnetic toys including doctor set with stethoscope, injection and prescription sheets, body parts puzzle toy, 5 senses activity toy and and a nail and toy hammer set.

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