wonderLearn Rainbow Xylophone Wooden Musical Instrument Toy for 2+ Year Old

INR 450.0

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About the Product

  • The wonderLearn xylophone is a rainbow colored musical toy for kids, crafted with 7 accurately tuned & brightly-colored keys of different sizes, which is great for developing rhythm and music skills. With well-made and vibrantly colored metal keys that produce the clearest tones, this colorful and sturdy xylophone instrument will help your kids create the most magical sounds and help them understand the meaning of tunes.
  • The bright colors of metal not not attract kids but help them identify colors and charming sound will delight and encourage them to learn to play this rainbow xylophone for kids and lay the foundation of their future musical education. 
  • The xylophone toy set includes wooden mallets which will help your toddler develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as they learn to hit individual bars to create their very own songs. Create fun sounds to stimulate young brains and help them express their creativity and skills.
  • This Xylophone toy is ideal as a birthday gift for kids and will encourage 2 year kid and up years old toddler to explore the different musical notes. 

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