wonderLearn Word Shark (for 4-6 yr old kids)

INR 2200.0

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About the Product

  • Teach your kids English language with these fun educational toys.
  • Word Shark kit have a spindle, board game, Memory Game, and wooden tetris game for kids. With our focus on language building and concentration, make English learning fun for your little ones.
  • This kit contains everything you need for a creative learning experience for your kids, with a focus on building English language skills and fostering concentration.
  • This is the perfect kit for little learners! All of the toys for kids are designed to be educational and fun, with special focus on building language and concentration.
  • Make learning and practicing English fun for your little ones. Enhance fine motor skills, foster language development and more.
  • Kids are naturally curious about the world around them, and want to explore! Keep kids entertained and learning with these fun educational toys. This is a great toy for kids aged 4+ and it's a perfect Birthday gift for kids.

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