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Moral Stories For Kids In English

15 Best Moral Stories For Kids In English

Everyone, but especially kids, benefit much from reading. Reading to children is a wonderful approach to impart life lessons in a way that they will grasp.

Kids can learn valuable lessons about life from short moral stories in an imaginative and enjoyable way. Additionally, it teaches them how to discriminate between good and evil and instils moral values at a young age.

Do you remember the books you used to read as a child? As you read these children's moral stories, let us refresh your memories. We have the ideal list for you to start with your family. This is a collection of 25 short moral stories in English for children.

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15 Popular Short Moral Stories in English

We’ve divided the stories into 3 parts:

  1. Classic Moral Stories in English
  2. Indian Moral Stories in English
  3. Popular Moral Stories in English


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Classic Moral Stories in English for Kids

Let’s have a look at the all time classic moral stories in English for kids

The Wolf and the Crane

A wolf was once eating an animal's meat when a small bone got trapped in his throat and prevented him from swallowing it. He immediately had terrible throat pain and frantically jumped up and down to find relief. He pleaded for help from everyone he came across. The wolf and crane finally met face to face.

The wolf pleaded, "Please help me." "I'll give you exactly what you ask for."

The Wolf was advised to lay down with its jaws as far open as possible after the crane agreed to give it a go. The crane then reached inside the Wolf's throat with its long neck and extracted the bone. The crane then asked for its reward.

The wolf said, grinning and flashing his teeth, "Be glad. You safely put your head inside a wolf's mouth and then removed it. To read more moral stories in English, scroll down.


The most widely read English children's book in history is Cinderella. In Cinderella, a lovely orphaned girl tells her tale. She shares a home with her stepmother and stepsisters, who compel her to perform all household duties. Cinderella eventually makes it to a ballroom celebration with only a little assistance from her fairy godmother. 

The prince who is the party's host falls in love with her and uses the glass shoe that she leaves behind to find her and make her his queen. To read more moral stories for kids in English, scroll down.

The Fox and the Stork

An arrogant fox once invited a stork to dinner. On schedule, the happy stork arrived at the fox's dwelling and rapped on the door with her long beak. The fox led her to the dinner table where he served them both soup in small bowls. Because the dish was too shallow for her, she was unable to consume any soup. On the other hand, the fox ate his soup in a hurry.

Although she was upset, the stork hid it. To discipline him, she invited the fox to supper the following day. Additionally, she served soup in two tall, thin vases. The stork was able to drink the soup directly from the vase, but the fox was unable to. The fox then realized his mistake.To read more moral stories for kids in English, scroll down.

The Greedy Lion

A sweltering day had just passed. A lion on the prowl was famished. After emerging from his den, he started looking for food. He came across a small hare. He got the hare after some reluctance.

The lion thought, "This hare can't feed me."

When the lion was about to kill the hare, a deer charged in that direction. The lion developed greed.

Instead of this tiny hare, let me devour the gigantic deer, he thought.

He let the hare run free while following the deer. On the contrary, the deer had also run into the woods. The lion felt awful about letting the hare go.To read more moral stories for kids in English, scroll down.

The Golden Egg

Once upon a time, a merchant and his family resided in a village. They had a gorgeous hen that laid one egg every day. It wasn't just any egg; it was a golden egg. The man, however, wasn't happy with the regular supply he was getting.

The owner desired to gather all of his hen's golden eggs at once. He so decided to kill the hen and gather all of the eggs one day.

The following day, when the hen laid a golden egg, the guy cracked open the body. Nothing except blood could be seen, and there was no egg to be found. He was devastated since he would no longer be able to get even one egg.To read more moral stories for kids in English, scroll down.

Indian Moral Stories in English For Kids

Let’s have a look at the Indian moral stories in English for kids

The Crow and the Pitcher

A thirsty Crow found a pitcher with some water at the bottom during a prolonged drought. No matter how hard he tried, the Crow was unable to reach the water because the pitcher was tall and had a short neck. The poor animal thought he was going to pass away from thirst.

Then he had a thought. He picked up some small pebbles from the ground and added them one at a time to the pitcher. With each rock, the water climbed a little higher until it was close enough for him to drink. To read more moral stories in English for kids, scroll down.

Birbal’s Khichdi

Akbar and Birbal once took a stroll by the lake on a chilly winter day. I don't think anyone can survive a night in this cold water, Akbar said as he quickly pulled his finger out of the icy water after stopping out of curiosity. Akbar promised a sum of 1000 gold coins to whoever could spend a night standing in the cold water of the lake. 

A poor man soon stepped forward and stood in the chilly water all night. When the underprivileged man arrived at the court to claim his reward the following morning, Akbar questioned him about what had enabled him to spend the entire night standing in the chilly water.

Upon discovering this, Akbar declined to give the reward since he believed the lamp's warmth had aided the guy. The poor man then asked Birbal for help.

The following day, Birbal skipped the courtroom. When Akbar sent a messenger asking about him, Birbal told him that he had put some polenta on fire and will come as soon as its ready.   Akbar visited Birbal's home out of curiosity and discovered the polenta pot hanging high with a little fire blazing on the floor.

When Akbar remarked that this heat couldn't reach the pot, Birbal countered by saying that a little lamp's heat couldn't adequately warm the man in the lake. After admitting his mistake, Akbar awarded the prize.To read more moral stories in English for kids, scroll down.

The Tortoise and the Hare

The narrative started when a hare challenged a tortoise to a race. The hare was just interested in beating him and proving that he was the best.

The tortoise consented, and the competition started.

The hare got a head start but grew over-confident as the race progressed. His ego led him to think that he could win the race even if he took a short break.

He then rested by sleeping.

The turtle was moving slowly, but was steadfast and committed. He continued on and never once gave up. The tortoise finished first and crossed the finish line as the hare was dozing off. To read more moral stories in English for kids, scroll down.

Tenali Rama and the Thieves

Vijayanagara's King Krishnadevaraya was alarmed by the recent spike in thefts.

Everyone in the court, including Tenali Rama, seemed worried! That evening,  two people were hidden behind the large mango tree close to the well in his garden as he made his way from the court back to his house.

Hmmm! He thought as he approached home, "I must teach them a lesson."

When he got home, he shouted so loudly that the robbers were terrified, but they could hear what he was saying to his wife:

"... keeping our jewelry at home is not secure. Please place your jewelry inside of our iron trunk, and we'll drop it into the well for storage.

Tenali Rama whispered to his wife that thieves were hiding in the garden. He asks to fill the trunk with stones and pots. Tenali Rama and his wife drag the trunk and drop it in the well.

“It will be safe here!” he told his wife loudly.

The two thieves waited for the people at home to sleep. They had a plan!

Each robber took turns to draw water from the well. Their excitement soon turned into tiredness.

Just then, someone said: “That’s all! The garden is watered, you have done the good deed for the day!”

The robbers looked around to see Tenali Rama. Shocked, they rose and ran away! Not long after, the people of Vijayanagara didn’t complain of any robbery. To read more moral stories in English for kids, scroll down.

The Elephant Circus

Five elephants used to perform tricks for the audience in a circus. They were tied with flimsy rope, from which they might have easily escaped but chose not to.

The ringmaster once received a question from a man who had come to the circus: "Why haven't these elephants broken the rope and run away?"

The elephants were taught from an early age that they lacked the strength to cut the ropes and flee, the ringmaster retorted.

It was because of this belief that they did not even try to break the ropes now.

Popular Moral Stories in English for Kids

Let’s have a look at the popular moral stories in English for kids

The Fox and the Grapes

A fox moving through the jungle detects a pleasant aroma. Rows of grapes are then discovered high up on the vines.

The fox remarked, "Oh, wouldn't it be lovely to have a bunch of these luscious grapes?" It leaped in an effort to grab a bunch of grapes. It leaped as far as it could, yet it was unable to touch any. The fox made the decision to take a short break after all the jumping.

"I hope I can reach those grapes, oh these grapes".   The fox complained, "I'll give it another shot.

It made another attempt to jump as high as it could. The fruits, however, remained out of his grasp. The fox exclaimed, "Perhaps the grapes are sour and not sweet." It made a sharp turn and strode off!

A Boy who cried Wolf

A father and son pair resided in a village. The child was told by his father to watch the sheep while they grazed in the fields. The boy, on the other hand, was not happy and desired to play and run. He made the decision to have fun. The entire village came with stones to chase the wolf away before it could devour any of the sheep after the boy cried, "Wolf! Wolf!"

After learning there was no wolf, the people started mumbling under their breath about how the boy had wasted their time. The next day, the boy yelled, "Wolf! Wolf!" once more, and the villagers sprung into action to drive the wolf away.

This time, the peasants left furious. The child encountered a wolf attacking his sheep on the third day as he made his way up the small hill. He yelled as loudly as he could, "Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!" but no one stepped forward to save him. 

The villagers decided not to come since they thought he was going to scam them again. The young boy's foolishness that day cost him a lot of sheep.

The Ant and the Grasshopper

One summer day, a grasshopper was bouncing around in a field while chirping and humming loudly. An ant passed by while laboriously lugging a grain of maize to his nest.

"Why don't you come and talk with me instead of working away at your life?" Grasshopper made a suggestion!

The Ant said, "I'm assisting with the food storage for the winter, and I urge that you do the same.

Why should I give winter any thought? We have a lot of food right now.

On the other hand, the Ant started up again. When winter came, the grasshopper starved to death while the ants shared the maize and grain they had stored during the summer.

The Three Little Pigs

Once, there lived three little pigs who were sent out into the world by their mother. All three of the small pigs made the decision to construct their own homes.

A straw-built home was constructed by the first pig with hardly any effort.

A stick-built home was constructed by the second pig after some effort.

To construct a brick-and-stone home, the third pig worked very diligently and diligently.

One fine day, the three small pigs were individually attacked by a large, dangerous wolf. The first two little pigs lived in straw and stick-built homes, which he blew away with his huffing and puffing.

The third little pig was snuggled up in his house, so he huffed and puffed but was unable to blow it away.

The huge terrible wolf soon ran out of breath and fled.

The Foolish Thief

A rich merchant once came to King Akbar's court to ask Birbal for assistance. He believed that one of his staff members had committed a robbery.

When Birbal heard this, he devised a cunning plan and called for the merchant's servants.

He distributed equal-length sticks to each of the servants. He informed them that by the next day, the thief's stick would expand by two inches.

Birbal called the staff again the following day. A servant's stick stood out to him as being two inches shorter than the others.

He recognised the thief by name.

The idiotic burglar imagined the stick would grow two inches, so he chopped it down by two inches. indicating his guilt.

What advantages do Moral Stories in English offer?

Strong moral ideals can be instilled in children through the use of moral stories.

Gives children courage and strength: Children's moral stories set a norm that can help children to remain upright under trying circumstances.

Give them tools for the future: Children can develop their ability to discriminate between right and wrong by reading moral stories for children.

Responding to Negative Influence: It's simple to make a mistake when all you can perceive is a bad effect. Children's moral tales can help prevent this by fostering a strong feeling of community.

Language learning: Reading and listening to stories both assist you expand your vocabulary and aid in children's oral language development.

Take Away from Moral Stories for Kids in English

Short moral stories for kids are a wonderful approach to impart key life values to children in a fun and understandable way. Short English stories for kids are ideal since they allow your kids to focus for a short period of time.


FAQ'S on Short Moral Stories in English

What are a few of the most well-known moral stories in English for kids?

  • The Boy Who Cried Wolf
  • The Golden Axe
  • The Fox and the Grapes
  • The Proud Rose
  • The Milkmaid and Her Pail
  • The Golden Egg

Should moral tales be taught to children at a young age?

Yes, to help kids develop their moral conscience.

What moral principles should young people learn?

  • Never lie or act inappropriately
  • Never lie or act inappropriately
  • Avoid stealing anything
  • Be honest always

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